Saturday, May 14, 2016

Arrived in Monroe, Washington; here is our address

May 12th 2016 Email from Mom/Linda to the kids: "We have ARRIVED!

Hello Everyone
We have now arrived in Washington and are settling in our apartment. We have been assigned to Monroe Washington. It is in the south east portion of the mission and about 30 minutes away from the mission office in Mill Creek. The meetinghouse here serves 3 Wards. Right now we understand we are only assigned to the Monroe Ward. Sister Missionaries also are assigned to the Ward and they live in the same apartment complex we do! We will work together some but our focus is to be first on the less actives and then assists with missionary opportunities as they appear. We have been told we can assist in the Ward- like substitute occasionally for a class-but are not to be given assignments in the Ward.

All mail going to the mission office will be transferred to us, so it is best just to use our apartment address for things. Likely we will be here the entire time-but if not you will be the first to know. Our mailing address is:

Elder and Sister Bowman
Morning Run Apartments #F-104
18463 Blueberry Lane
Monroe, WA 98272

We are pleased with the apartment and find it good for our needs. We even have a washer and dryer! Great plus not having to drag clothes to a Laundromat. Weather has been very nice-sunny and no rain yet, Everyone seems friendly and we have even run into some members along with others as we start up conversations. It is fun being new in the town and no responsibility but to enjoy the people and get to know them. I could really get use to doing this!

We went out with the Sisters for a short time today. They shared some information about the Ward and helped us find the church, library, post office, etc. We are working on introducing ourselves to leaders and people and getting our routines established this week. Hope to see things moving along quickly next week and we get things to a new level.. We have a meeting tomorrow at the Mission Office and then some other meeting next Wednesday. We are also going with the Sisters to work at the Food Bank later next week. We have to go out tonight and pick up a few more things- going to check out Fred Meyers as there was some items we did not get at Walmart last night.. Also going to look for a heavier blanket-.beautiful days but cool nights!

Our Mission President mentioned several things that may indicate what we might be doing. He mentioned Dad might want to go to Rotary at times and we might want to do volunteer work- things we can meet others and serve and be visible. He also mentioned how many people we need to search out are out in the rural area and may be difficult to find. References to Dad's work with health council in the Appalachian Mountains seemed to come up many times- like in preparing us to be prepared for a variety of people we shall meet. There is lots of preparation that comes in life and it is good to see  how the Lord  can put us in the path of others- for both their blessing and our own.

Loving it in WASHINGTON.

1-2-3 Sure Love YOU!.

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